Rotomail signs a pact for decarbonisation


Rotomail and Enel X have announced an agreement that includes an ambitious decarbonisation and sustainability plan, aiming to achieve Rotomail’s Carbon Neutrality through a series of coordinated actions.

The plan includes a number of key steps:

  • The carrying out of a detailed analysis of the carbon emissions produced by Rotomail, with the aim of quantifying them according to certifiable tools such as the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.
  • An assessment of Rotomail’s level of circularity in order to improve its energy efficiency.

The two reports are the starting point for the development of a specific roadmap to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Rotomail has undertaken a series of actions with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by 18% for a total of almost 400 tonnes between direct and indirect emissions. In addition, a contract was signed with Enel Energia for the supply of Energy from Renewable Sources, allowing Scope 2 emissions to be completely zero.

The path of decarbonisation and sustainability does not stop here. Rotomail, in fact, will be supported by Enel X in the creation of the Sustainability Report, to report its performance and ESG objectives according to GRI standards.

“We consider necessary to achieve Carbon Neutrality, to have a more sustainable business and at the same time reduce the environmental impact for future generations. The path undertaken with Enel X goes in this direction.”

Giovanni Antonuzzo, CEO of Rotomail Italia S.p.A.

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