Towards an increasingly global book market

Thanks to the partnership with Ingram Content Group, Rotomail Italia is the Italian distributor of reference of the Global Connect Program, thanks to which publishers from all over the world have the opportunity to print and distribute their titles also on the Italian market.

In order to become the Italian reference point for the printing and distribution of foreign books and to open new horizons to publishers worldwide, we have signed an agreement with Ingram Content Group, the most important player in the world market for the distribution of editorial content.

Thanks to the Global Connect Program, publishers from all over the world will be able to distribute their titles on the Italian market through Rotomail Italia, taking advantage of our partnership with Messaggerie Libri.

Thanks to our Print on demand service, books will also be made available for sale in over 4,000 physical bookstores, and online through the best e-commerce books.

To date, more than 400,000 securities have been entered, active and distributed in Italy through the Global Connect Program.

But that’s not all:

Thanks to the Reverse Global Connect Program, Italian publishers will soon be able to reach their readers all over the world, taking advantage of Ingram’s widespread distribution, in a simple, fast and convenient way.

About Ingram: Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”) consists of several subsidiaries branded Ingram Industries Inc., headquartered in Nashville. Ingram comprises a full suite of publishing companies and services that offer numerous solutions, including physical book distribution, print-on-demand services, and digital self-publishing solutions. Committed to the success of its partners, Ingram works closely with publishers, retailers, libraries and schools around the world to offer them tailor-made products and services designed for the increasingly complex universe of content publishing.